Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blue Ox Millwork

Blue Ox has one of the largest collections of human powered tools.
Here is the Barnes Velocipede #2 (1886), This is probably the most efficient scroll saw ever built.

Blue Ox is a custom shop specializing in Victorian architectural details and historic reproductions. Blue Ox manufactures everything from hand carved newels to custom wood windows, from 24 foot columns, to custom redwood gutters, gable decorations, siding, corbels, moulding, and more. They will help make your ideas a reality.

Ornamental iron work is produced in the blacksmith shop as well as hardware such as nails and bolts. Items necessary for repairs of our antique machinery are made in the blacksmith shop and machine shop.

Ceramics, Boat Building, Shingle Milling, a Working Print Shop and more.

These antique printing presses are still used by the students to print their yearbooks. Tourists can peak into the shop, see drawers of antique type and paper cutters so large that they can cut through stacks of phone books. If they are lucky they might even see the 1890's press in operation.

All of this plus they are a School of Traditional Arts. At Blue Ox School, students get a regular high school curriculum with a full component of hands-on projects and creative learning opportunities. Blue Ox students earn their high school diploma while participating in a family environment, creating original works of art, building feelings of self-accomplishment, and learning valuable skills that will be of use to them in all walks of life.

Visit Blue Ox today and step into the past. Where Even the Run of the Mill is Extraordinary


Michelle said...

nice post!

Douglas said...

It is good to restore antique houses and upholstery. It preserves the sentimental value and the memories. In Indiana, restoration is a helping hand to build broken memories. Since the state is near the shore line, storm often come to visit. And after the storm comes the restoration of the happy state.