Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2011-12 HPRT Officers

Director : Bill Hole

Bill has been working with his hands in various trades for thirty years. House painting, boat building, custom carpentry, concrete, structural steel, machine tool, cabinet and millwork, and stained glass all developed his craft skills for teaching new home construction at College of the Redwoods in Eureka, California since 1991. He started a Historic Preservation and Restoration Technology certificate program (HPRT) in 1996 and in 2002 developed a hands-on Associate of Science Historic Preservation and Restoration Technology program (still unique on the West Coast). He thrives on teaching people the successful use of tools, preservation techniques/craft, sustainable building practices, and critical thinking skills that are fundamental to building conservation and recycling our historic resources. "Preservation is about community working together to sustain pride of ownership".


President : Joshua Carr

Josh is 26, and is in his second year of the HPRT degree program. Josh has a BA in History from CSU Fresno and is furthering his expertise with the preservation degree. Seeking a post-baccalaureate degree in preservation He moved to Eureka from the Central Valley of California specifically for College of the Redwoods HPRT program. His professional plans include working within federal agencies in educating and practicing preservation trade work.

Vice President : Greg DeAngelis

A new addition to our community, attending school full time at College of the Redwoods found his heart and creativity in the building world in 1998. He has focused mostly on home remodeling and alternative building elements while also dabbling in the many phases of construction over the last ten years. He hopes to further his education of contrasts between the growing lost arts of true craftsmanship modeled  in the great historical buildings of old and the new methods of construction of today to better adapt to a changing worlds view on sustainability. Greg's goals are degrees in both Historical Preservation and Restoration and Construction Technology programs to further take the ideas and skills of the program to others.  As Carl Elefante states on green building: "The greenest buildings are the ones that have already been built."

Greg's favorite Historic Preservation and Restoration quotes:
  • "Preservationists are the only people in the world who are invariably confirmed in their wisdom after the fact...." 
John Kenneth Galbraith
Presentation to the National Trust for Historic Preservation [1979]vii
  • Historic preservation makes sense in large measure because historic preservation makes dollars and cents, but it also saves dollars and cents. Historic preservation is a rational and effective economic response to overconsumption. To make a new brick today to build a building on a site where there is already a building standing steals from two generations. It steals from the generation that built the brick originally by throwing away their asset before its work is done, and it steals from a future generation by using increasingly scarce natural resources today that should have been saved for tomorrow.
Don Rypkema
The Economics of Rehabilitation


Treasurer : Quinn Kalisch

Quinn grew up in Seattle, WA. and moved to Santa Cruz, CA to attend Cabrillo College. While attending Cabrillo College Quinn studied art and design, also taking landscape design classes.  Quinn  have always had a great interest in architecture and an appreciation for historic structures.  Most recently He moved to Humboldt county to take part in the HPRT program based at College of the Redwoods in Eureka, Ca


Secretary : Meagan Carver

Megan Carver was born and raised on the East Coast in Baltimore, MD. She attended the University of Denver,CO as a Division-1 Collegiate Lacrosse Player receiving her BSBA in Real Estate and Construction Management. She moved to Northern California immediately after graduation to be close to a few of her siblings and discovered her love for historic architecture through recent travels to England and Ireland in February and August 2011. Soon after, she enrolled at the College of the Redwoods in Eureka,Ca  to receive the Certificate of Achievement in Historic Preservation and Restoration. She plans to continue her travels after receiving the Certificate of Achievement; taking her knowledge of historic preservation and restoration with her. The possibilities are endless! Megan is ecstatic to have discovered this program and is so grateful to have Professors who are truly passionate about educating younger generations on the conservation of such important historic architecture.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CT-15 Field Techniques for Historic Preservation

  College of the Redwoods HPR program is practicing hands on education in preservation at the Annie B. Ryan Home on 1000 F st.  The spring students will be tasked to prep old growth recycled redwood panels. These panels must be stripped of their paint, repaired of any cracks, checks and rot and will be install in the bathroom as wainscot around where the bathtub will be installed. Other projects include will be plumbing the bathroom, hanging doors, installing new kitchen cabinets with doors that will be historically milled to match the house's originals that were available as visual evidence for the profile. Also being milled will be balusters and newl posts for the front porch entry.

Beginning in March CT-3 taught by renown artist Peter Santino, students will be learning traditional smooth wall plaster skills and how to preserve and restore decorative plaster found in historic homes and sites.