Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little Pieces of History

The Annie B. Ryan house is our field school. Currently we have an interior surface materials class here in which we are learning about various materials and techniques, mainly lath and plaster repair, shellac and graining (see our previous post!). Here are some neat up close and personal pics of the Annie. B...

Annie B. plans atop decades of wall paper...most recently, someone was a fan of aqua shades. On the left is the old ironing board.

Corner block. We learn to recreate these in our architectural millworking class.

Redwood lath and plaster (see the sand and horsehair?!)

An Alice In Wonderland inspired shot of the front door.

This is a picture of a door molding in one of the back rooms. It's hard to tell what the original color was, but right now it's definitely pink with a little mildew!

Check back soon for a more detailed history of the Annie B. Ryan house.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Graining-photos are not real wood grain! They are paint!

Today we learned about "graining" in our interior surface materials class. Graining (and its stone equivalent, "marbleizing") imitates wood or marble on a surface. Sometimes, rather than stripping and refinishing a surface, it is more practical to grain. This is an art that was historically in great demand, now it must be consciously passed on. Graining consists of laying a ground color of primer and then tracing the pattern of wood grain in other colors with special tools. Tools include steel combs, rubber and leather combs, brushes, sponges, clean cotton and rollers. There are different ground and glazing colors for different types of woods. Above are some photos of graining done by Peter Santino.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nice to meet ya

This is the first posting of a group of students in the Historic Restoration and Preservation Technology Program at College of the Redwoods, based in Eureka, California. We are creating this blog as a place to have and discuss information on topics in the field. We will show you what we are up to, techniques we are putting into practice and resources we'd like to share. We hope also to include little stories of interesting histories, places and people that are relevant to historic restoration, preservation and sustainability. Check back with us soon.