Sunday, December 25, 2011


The College of the Redwoods HPRT program would like to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We would like to thank College of the Redwoods for allotting funds for us to continue our educations in the field of preservation , Provolt Design for the amazing HPRT shirts and a quick and cheerful completion of our order. A special thanks to the Eureka Heritage Society and the Ingomar club for inviting us to the amazing Carson Mansion for their annual Christmas Holiday luncheon!!! Have A happy new years!! See you all in JANUARY!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

HPR Field School Recieves VIP Congressman

What started as a casual conversation about jobs-training at a recent ceremony dedicating the new Fisherman’s Terminal on the Eureka waterfront, resulted in a personal visit by Congressman Thompson to the HPRT Field School. Professor Bill Hole, director of the HPR program at CR asked him to come see our training site, in hopes he’d have some ideas.

He spent 45 minutes engaged and enthusiastic about the training that students are gaining, job potentials, challenges and successes of training career technical education programs like HPRT. He came up with ideas and enjoyed seeing what five-years of classwork has accomplished to the 22-year abandoned Queen Anne cottage.


Congressman Mike Thompson feels smooth wall plaster restoration done by students

                  Professor Bill Hole discusses with Congressman Mike Thompson past HPRT projects of Service Learning and Green Jobs pre-apprenticeship training with CCC youth.

 Professor Bill Hole showing Congressman Mike Thompson a molding profile planer knife cut by past student (and student club founder), Ashley Hudson

                  Congressman Thompson and past student Steve Lazar watch students Quinn Kalisch and Mike Coop glazing a wooden window sash.

Group photo of smiles – (left to right) Elliot Kane, Associate Faculty Bob Felter, Ryan Barlow, Greg DeAngelis, Professor Bill Hole, Congressman Mike Thompson, Alan Michaels, and Josh Carr.

Shay Omran is excited to work on real projects in this hands on classroom training. Shay is measuring skirting before it is cut and applied to the Annie B.

Ryan Stoffel enjoys working on the Annie B. Ryan house.

Nancy Ingram checking twice before cutting once.

                  Below: Greg DeAngelis cleaning window jamb for window restoration demonstration project.


               Elliot Kane happy to be working with his hands at the field school.

Students were in class and engaged with various projects, stopping to interact with his questions, and for a group photo and signing of the welcome poster at the end (Thanks to Colleen Hole for painting the poster and gathering signatures!).

Thanks to Paul DeMark for contacting the Times-Standard newspaper, as photographer Shawn Walker came by to shoot a picture for the Sunday paper. Thanks to Breon Hole for volunteering as our site photographer by taking these great pictures during his visit.

Special thanks to students in the HPRT Student Club students Greg DeAngelis, Megan Carver, and Elliot Kane for preparing the visual aids, and past student Maggy Herbelin and current student Nancy Ingram for baking fresh cookies.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Material Science: Glass CT-7

It's almost been a month attending Bill Hole's class Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 to 12:00. Our first project is a leaded glass window. We just learned how to solder the lead joints.

Cutting the lead is simple with these cutters

brushing the lead came before patina (coloring)

Bill demonstrating cutting methods.

Copper foil being applied to glass in place of the lead came technique
We didn't get to see how the grinder worked until we had used the grozing pliers for a week.

Cleaning the joint with a wire brush before applying flux.

Preheating the lead helps the solder flow.

My piece flipped over after soldering the first side.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rough framing and wall raising

Wall Framing for the Photovoltaic Student's sheds. Next Step will be Framing for the roof systems.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

HPRT Club members building sheds for CR Photovoltaic students

Several club members are involved in a carpentry class being offered by CR's Construction Technology program. The course goals for this semester are to build four sheds for the photovoltaic students also within the Construction technology department. Here are some photos of the floor joists being notched for the forklift which is part of the inevitable journey across campus. More photos soon will be up of the wall and roof framing segments of the sheds.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011 Eureka Heritage Society Home Tour

Once again the Heritage society put together a wonderful home tour in which some of the CR HPRT club members were available to be docents at several sites. Another notable HPRT activity during this event was the ANNIE B RYAN field school was open to the public as a supplemental home on the tour. It was an amazing turnout as we had over 50 persons sign the guest sign in at the field school. Visitors were greeted by Bill Hole and several club members and were given a tour around our field school and were shown castings, mill work, tools, and photos of the active work and material sciences that the students practice every Saturday in the fall.

We also would like to thank the Eureka Heritage Society for their invitation to the Eureka theater for a little after hours libations!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Arcata Scoop

     Our first meeting of 2011 will be at the Arcata Scoop. "Amazing handmade ice creams, late hours, all-natural ingredients, awesome new flavor combinations...." this is what one customer had to say about it. We aren't meeting at the best organic ice cream shop in northern California for their frozen delicacies, we will be addressing the bay window on the southern side. The window that gets the most sunshine and the harshest weather. 

     Isaac Minor built this house in 1884, along with a twin next door for his two daughters. They were built as mirror images of one another. The original "stoop" of the house was on the right side of the front of the house (as opposed to the center where it is now), and the stoop of the sister house was on the left side of the front of the house.
     Built as a residence, the building has been used for commercial purposes for the past 40+ years, with the front portion usually serving as the retail portion and the back as offices and storage. Mike Wilson first remembers the building being Red Roach Records in the 1970s and early 1980s.  In the mid 1980s it became Moonrise Herbs, and when they moved to the Plaza in 1997  the house served as a venue for massage/alternative medicine consultations. 

     Mike and Laura bought the building in 2004 and renovated the back 2/3rds of the interior as on office. They pulled out temporary walls, a lot of paneling, the drop ceilings, and what was left of the old kitchen counter and plumbing and installed a small kitchenette in what was the old wash room. They stripped the upper walls and ceilings (that which was above the drop ceiling) of layers of wallpaper and pulled thousands of tacks and essentially refinished the lids of both side rooms, including adding the interior windows to get light from the south room into the north. The whole interior was painted and laid with carpet. The large front room was rented out as is, and the tenants made minor improvements. 
     In 2005-6 they renovated the exterior with assistance from the city of Arcata facade grant for $10K. With that, and a bit more from Mike and Laura, they replaced the right front corner section of the foundation, which was essentially a piece of flagstone. Also replaced was all the plank one-by below the water table, portions of the water table, the columns on the side porch, several sections of roof soffit, a bunch of the dentils, and the entire front porch, (except the roof and roof members). Laura Kadlecik's father milled most of the trim package that was needed for the exterior work including the columns for the front porch, the watertable, the dentils, and the flat sawn balusters. The porch railing balusters were (originally when Mike and Laura first had the building) flat but plain, no decoration. 
     "From one of the historic photos of the house we saw the balusters sawn w/ flower cut outs in the yard fence. The house adjacent to our home (built in the late 1880s) had the exact flower cut outs as could be seen in the photograph, so we copied our neighbors flat sawn balusters and used them for the porch railing." recalls Laura.

      Then the exterior was painted.  In 2008 the Arcata Scoop started renovating the large front room, the north room, the restroom, the whole north yard, and installed the new ADA walkway and side porch and door (a sliding glass door, installed backward, was where the side door was up to that time). Mike and Laura installed a new foundation on the north side as part of the Scoops work.
     "There's more we want to/need to do to the house (of course)!  Other then more painting, the roof needs replacement and also I want to put a widows walk on the top, as shown in the photo." says Laura.
     I guess the most interesting factoid about the house is that Houdini apparently slept there.... or so they say.
     Mike and Laura  are "SUPER grateful" for our offer to help repair the bay window sill and trim.  They haven't had the the chance to offer much TLC to the building in the past couple years and that has been weighing on them.
     "I'm so stoked to have you and your club memebers lend some of yours.(TLC)" says Laura.
     They will have a historic report by Alex Stillman & Susie Vankirk to show us as well as some old photos
See you Sunday, January 30 at the Arcata Scoop, on I street across from Los Bagels.