Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Historic Preservation and Restoration student club welcomes itself back to the blog and to our brand-new Facebook page.

We’ve been busy the last year tackling restoration in New Orleans, volunteering for the Eureka Heritage Society, learning to repair stained glass, and a flurry of other things you can view pictures of on Facebook.

We’re as dedicated as ever to preserving historic structures and utilizing available materials. You can expect a series of full reports on all we’ve been working on as we glide through the rest of 2013 and catapult into next year. We’re almost done with our current semester and already excited about next semester’s classes. You can look forward to an update on the Annie B. Ryan house and new posts about alumni adventures and current projects as well as the rundown on all the classes for next semester, so stay tuned and "like" us on Facebook using the link on the left!