Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week One: Part Two

The removal of the window took longer than expected. We had first, jokingly, estimated the job would be in total 'about an hour'. From first arrival until the window made its way into the truck was in all a two day, three person, six hour process. The main difficulty came from the inwardly decreasing radius of the bay itself, and the parting bead that prevented the outward movement of the wood sash. Ultimately that wood sash had to be paired down with a series of sharp chisels to facilitate the inward removal of the window from its surrounds. Speculation was that the parting bead continued from the lower bay window through to the upper portion through the upper sill. I believe the leaded panel was later added to replace an original construction of radius antique glass, from when the house was first built.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the updates.
Late last year I was doing research with a friend at the Historical Society building and was told that you were doing repairs on the window. Now I can go back to see it and understand some of the background involved. Now this is part of the building lore to be passed on.
The photos are beautiful. Congratulations!