Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back from New Orleans

A row of boarded up houses in the Holy Cross neighborhood.
John cutting glass for windows at the village.
The Village is a community center in the Lower Ninth Ward and also our daily meeting place while working with Historic Green.

Claire, Jeff, Ray and John at the village on our first day.

The author on the front steps of the our project house the day before we began work.

We have returned from our volunteer vacation in New Orleans. What a great experience and cool historic town! Most of us we able to work with Bill Hole on a fixer upper home in the lower ninth ward. We took down siding, repaired framing and termite infested girders. We installed bracing and ridge foam installation before re installing both old and new siding. Photos of this house and other in the Lower ninth and Holy Cross neighborhood are up on our Picasa site (http://http// Please check them out. I hope to have stories from everyone involved posted soon.

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Sandra Ludwig said...

Even after all these years, there are still thousands of houses in the Big Easy that have yet to be fixed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The storm and floods destroyed and heavily damaged most of the city. You can clearly see the watermarks of the flood on the sidings of the houses.