Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wallpaper is cool again

Raspberry Bramble custom wallpaper from Bradbury and Bradbury
Recently that has been a resurgence in popularity of wallpaper. This means not only creating new wallpaper inspired by historic wallpaper, but also the restoration of old wallpaper. Historically wallpaper was used to help hand plastered walls looks straighter, add a layer of insulation and create a unique and often ornate appearance to a room. Often before wallpaper was laid, canvas or muslin was streched over walls, sized with a glue and layered with thin paper. Then hand printed wallpaper was expertly placed over. This made for a very stiff system of wallpaper that, in the old days, was said could be taken down and moved with it's owner. This method also kept it in good shape, so today there are many wallpaper conservation projects. If you are intrested in learn more or looking at some of these beautiful paper here are some resources. Burt Kallander, a historic wallpaper restorer and master printmaker. - a company specializing in historic wallpaper reproductions a historic wallpaper collection and cool blog dedicated to it rare and unusual vintage wall paper Funky new wall paper

Anagylpta wallpaper

Art deco border from Bradbury and Bradbury

Historically inspired modern bat wallpaper from flavorleague

"gritty" wallpaper from flavorleague


Jon Yalcinkaya said...

I love the bat wallpaper. I found a similar red/ white themed drawer liner in my home.

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