Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Learning About Historic Millwork

In our Architectural Millworking class we are designing and building a model storefront. It is still in the early stages, as you can see from the pictures. Here's Jeff planning his section of the piece, the door hood and casing. Below that is the frame for the project, affixed to our wood shop "mezzanine."

Millwork - milled doors, sash, windows, transoms, trim, moldings, paneling and more - was originally manufactured at small local shops (especially places close to a good supply of lumber), making its debut during the Victorian era. Architectural millworking in the United States had its "Golden Age" between approximately 1890 and 1910 when rapid industrialization and an expanding railroad system during America's Industrial Revolution made it possible for millwork to be mass produced and distributed across the country.

Humboldt County is home to many buildings that exemplify the art of millworking, the Carson Mansion (below) once again supplies us with ample details.

We'll post more updates on our "storefront" as it progresses!

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