Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CT-15 Field Techniques for Historic Preservation

  College of the Redwoods HPR program is practicing hands on education in preservation at the Annie B. Ryan Home on 1000 F st.  The spring students will be tasked to prep old growth recycled redwood panels. These panels must be stripped of their paint, repaired of any cracks, checks and rot and will be install in the bathroom as wainscot around where the bathtub will be installed. Other projects include will be plumbing the bathroom, hanging doors, installing new kitchen cabinets with doors that will be historically milled to match the house's originals that were available as visual evidence for the profile. Also being milled will be balusters and newl posts for the front porch entry.

Beginning in March CT-3 taught by renown artist Peter Santino, students will be learning traditional smooth wall plaster skills and how to preserve and restore decorative plaster found in historic homes and sites.


Ashley said...

Awesome post! it is great to see so many people involved in this project. I am so happy to have been a part of this community.

MattoleCraftsman said...

Looks like a great crew, keep up the good work.