Monday, May 24, 2010

What some of our grads are doing now

Here are two letter, addressed to the head of the program Bill Hole, from graduates of the Historic Preservation and Restoration Technology program. Student can either get a sixteen credit certification or two year associates in the program.

Hi Bill,

I hope you are doing well and your program is thriving. Up here the CCC Historic Preservation program is catching on and getting a lot of publicity. Thanks to YOU I'm inspired and feeling really good about this community and I have leadership opportunities popping up. I'm now the vice-chair of Lower Columbia Preservation Society with a great group of dedicated people. The plan is for me to be chair next spring. We'll see. I just gave a PowerPoint presentation on Leadville to our annual meeting which was kinda scary and well-received.

The big news is Lucien has enlisted me to teach a 1-unit workshop on Historic Preservation Techniques: Finish Work. I'm now an adjunct instructor with CCC! Dig it! I've attached my syllabus. If you have any epiphanies I'd love to hear them. We'll do plaster repair work at Lucien's house and wood house patching, trimming and painting at my house, along with building analysis here using Sanborn maps (my house was moved twice and added onto in 1900) and witness marks up the wazoo. Fun! June 5th & 12th are the days and there'll be 14 students. Also, I did raise my business rate to $25/hr., so thanks!

Cheers, Pam

Hi Bill! Who wouldn't miss two redheads who bring sass and baked goods into their life? :) How did the HP&R classes go this semester? Did the students raise enough money to go to New Orleans? (Was it New Orleans or am I misremembering?)

Well I don't know if you've heard but Chandra and I were both promoted to Research Assistant II back in January! (I had only been there six months and have surpassed another research assistant who has been there for almost three years!) The office has been really hectic lately and I've been going out on fieldwork all over the state. Last month I was in Anaheim, then Bakersfield, and I was just in Fort Bragg for a week.

Never in a million years did I think that I would have a job like mine, but I'm excited that I do. I'm so grateful for the HP&R program at CR and for your dedication to the program and the students. I know that the kind of education I received there and Shaker Village internship that I got to experience through your help gave me an edge over other candidates for the job at JRP. I even bet out people who were even in the process of getting their masters! It's all gone by so fast, can you believe I've been here in Sacramento for almost a year?!


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