Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reparing old windows

Many publications and websites have been making the case for repairing or restoring old windows, instead or buying new ones. Many agree that repairing old windows saves not only resources but also money. According to the newsletter Real Green , many homes build before the 1980's have single paned wood windows, which can be repaired to seal as tightly as new vinyl or aluminum windows. Replacement window can be $200-$1,000 dollars per window before labor, while restoration general ranges around $300-$400 dollars per window with labor. (source:
Parts of a double hung window- from The Old House Journal
Old wood windows can last another 100 years with proper maintenance. One other hand most replacement window last 15-20 year and are often made of toxic and unrecyclable materials.

So how do you do it? First, the window will need to be removed, all the paint should be stripped, all cracks and rot should be addressed with epoxy or new wood, new sash cord, lock repair, reglazing, new glass (if needed) and repainting and reinstillation. Check out Historic Homeworks (http://www.historichomeworks/.) for step by step instructions, or search the National Trust for Historic Preservation website for wood window to get a tip sheet.

Here a student in the field school is removing paint from a window.

New wood, or a Dutchmen, is glued in to replace rotted wood.

It is also recommended to weatherstrip your window. Which is basically adding strips of insulating material s to gaps in the widow to seal leaks, this should be done when the window is taken apart. Hardware stores should have everything need for weather stripping, but also try Architectural Resource Center.
Other resources for the repair of old windows:


Tracy said...

The outlandish art of making glasses for windows has reached its rebirth for even the non-art students opened their eyes into learning it. Eccentric and classic, wrapped by these words, this art became a staple subservient grounds not only for architects and engineers but even for typical "interior-designer-gone-cheap-yet-classy" household member─ especially the women, the mothers, may I say. The word "replacement" windows San Francisco's thrift movement, rather than buying and purchasing, a new way of being inside the fad and being "in". And Americans opened their eyes because it is real financially saving and economically upright. This system crawled up above the highest classes that even A-list celebrities, social wanderers and throne owners chose to replace than to buy.
It isn't just about windows, SF, and saving quality─ or in whatever reason─ it is more than a fad, but a social contribution to sustainability and functionality

Herb said...

Repairing old windows is cheap, but can take extended amounts of time. Plus, it must be maintained regularly to ensure that they work properly. However, if that window has some historic value, then restoring it is the most essential thing to do.

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