Saturday, September 26, 2009

Graining-photos are not real wood grain! They are paint!

Today we learned about "graining" in our interior surface materials class. Graining (and its stone equivalent, "marbleizing") imitates wood or marble on a surface. Sometimes, rather than stripping and refinishing a surface, it is more practical to grain. This is an art that was historically in great demand, now it must be consciously passed on. Graining consists of laying a ground color of primer and then tracing the pattern of wood grain in other colors with special tools. Tools include steel combs, rubber and leather combs, brushes, sponges, clean cotton and rollers. There are different ground and glazing colors for different types of woods. Above are some photos of graining done by Peter Santino.


Anonymous said...

The graining is absolute artistry. I hope that I can take Peter Santino's class one day. What a resource to develop new skills!

Anonymous said...

That's insane!!!! I can't believe thats paint! Does it take a long time to do just one panel?

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